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How to Make St. Patrick’s Day Tree Ornaments


Like my friend Jayson always says to me, “You can never just leave it alone.”. He means I always embellish things.

I bought a couple of light green feather mini trees from on sale. They are Bethany Lowe, which tends to be an expensive line of hand crafted holiday decor. This time, I got a great deal on the little trees. I intended to use them for St. Patrick’s Day trees.

I had purchased mini postcard ornaments which have vintage St. Patrick’s Day images on them. I found them on They’re really cute, but I wasn’t crazy about the black elastic ribbon on them for hanging. There also was no trim around them either. Since these mini postcard images are so small and light weight, I knew they would be perfect for the little trees. I added gold trim to each of them and changed out the black elastic ribbon for green satin ribbon.

This year I ordered a bag of glittered shamrocks and light green tinsel garland from to make crafts with. I didn’t know exactly what I was going to do, but I soon figured out they would make cut ornaments. I simply hot glued trim to the backs of them and hung them on the mini trees and the floral arrangement. The size was perfect for the mini trees!

I bought a Shamrock door hanger last year. I thought it was “Ok”, but I didn’t do anything with it other than hang it up. So this year I needed to do something to it to make it stand out. I added gold beaded strands around the shamrocks and hot glued glittery shamrocks to the center of each of the 3 wooden shamrocks to give it a little pizzazz. I changed out the boring ribbon to a white and green shamrock printed ribbon. The only “new” embellishments I added were the glittery shamrocks. I already had the gold beaded strands and ribbon in my craft supplies.

Sometimes you can give new life and a new look with some simple additions to something that has seen its better days.

Floral Arrangement Ornaments By: RuralManhattan on Etsy, Resin, Bell Shamrocks and light catcher shamrocks from

I couldn’t resist making a St. Patrick’s Day Paper Mache box. I painted the inside, bottom and inner lid with Antique Gold acrylic paint. After it dried, I traced out the box using green and white gingham scrap book paper. I used a solid Kelly green sheet of scrap book paper for the band of the lid.

The vintage image round tags I used are from LoveCreationGal on I printed them out using Cream colored card stock. I then used an image as the center of a ribbon medallion for the lid. I ruffled wire ribbon with hot glue. I used green ribbon as an accent, then 2 different kinds of trim to finish it off.

The inside was decoupaged with shamrocks with the round tag images. I used some glittery and matte shamrock stickers. On the matte stickers I dry brushed over them with Antique Gold to add a little age to them. After dry brushing all the paper shamrocks and images, I hot glued gems to the center of all the shamrocks.

Trim was added to a “Lucky” 3D embellishment on the inner lid. Trim and 3D embellishments were added to the bottom edge of the box as well.

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