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My Dirty Little Secret…my disgusting shower gets a face lift!


Our shower was a mess! This home was built in 1995. We bought this home in 2002, the 3rd family to live here. We’ve had to change out a lot here over the years, but the shower has been nothing but trouble. About 9 months after we purchased the home, the shower’s faucet handle broke off during my husband’s shower. This was the beginning of our troubles with it.

We went to the DIY store to get a new shower faucet kit. My husband began the DIY project that we thought would be easy. Not true! The first mistake was that my husband threw out the box that the new fixture came in. The fixture didn’t fit! We would need a plumber to come in to weld. We did and the plumber still couldn’t get it to fit correctly. There was a about and inch gap between the tile wall and the fixture. This was a huge problem.

My husband came up with an idea of having a piece of marble custom cut to fit over the opening of the plumbing. The faucet’s handle plate was to be placed over the marble piece, then the handle was attached. There was no gap! Our problem was solved, so we thought.

We always had to point the shower head away from the shower door because the shower door’s “sweep” was missing at the bottom of the door. This was pointed out to us by the inspector. We thought we could just buy a new sweep at the DIY stores, but turns out they don’t sell them. We would have to order them from a shower door company. I guess we just lived with it that way. We just avoided getting water over by the shower door to avoid it leaking out onto the tile floor.

The stains that were on the shower pan were quite stubborn. I could never get them out and the stains just got darker over time. The glass was hard to keep clean despite using a glass squiggy. The chrome was always dirty and I could never get it clean. We hired a housekeeper to help us out when our first son was born. She too couldn’t get the shower clean.

A few years ago, we started noticing cracks in the tiles near the corner of the shower. We didn’t know why they were cracking. We just sealed them to avoid water getting behind them.

Then we started to get a mysterious water stain on the garage ceiling. We didn’t know what it was from. It just got worse and the stains began to grow mold. We ended up having to cut out that piece of ceiling dry wall in the garage. We figured out with a help of a plumber that we had a leak in our shower. The tiles in the corner were separating and water was getting through and dripping onto the ceiling of the garage. We were happy it wasn’t a plumbing problem

We grouted and caulked the problem area. Then we noticed the grout was coming out in pieces. Then the cracks were getting worse and there was a gap between the shower pan and tile. More water kept coming out. So now we knew we were going to have to replace the tile since our DIY work wasn’t helping.

After pricing out tile and labor, we decided that refinishing was the best way to go. We don’t want to invest a lot of money in new tile in this down market. We knew we wouldn’t get our money back if we were to replace all the tile in the shower. Plus we would have to replace the shower pan because its stained. We needed to get the shower leak proof and clean!

We called up a company called MIRACLE METHOD and had them come out to give us an estimate on repairing and refinishing the tile and replacing the glass enclosure. We got a great price for the whole job. It was a very quick process.

DAY 1, the glass enclosure was removed, old broken grout, old glass stripping and caulking were removed. The cracked tiles were repaired and cleaned. Shower pan was cleaned so that the primer would adhere. Our tub tile was in good condition, but we wanted the tile to match the shower tile. It was prepped for priming as well.

The grout and primer were left to dry over night.

DAY 2, the refinishing process began. It was left to dry over night.

DAY3, the refinished tile was lightly sanded. The tiles and pan were then sealed. It was left to dry over night as well.

There was a day between DAY 3 and DAY 4.

DAY 4. New shower enclosure arrived to be installed. We had the glass enclosure bumped out onto the half wall to allow us to have a ledge on the inside of the shower. Before, I had a ledge on the outside next to my sink and it was a waste of space.

We also had the glass cut 6 inches taller than the original glass enclosure. This was good because my husband is tall and he will not have to duck down as much to enter and exit the shower. We also had the shower handle placed on the right. It was originally placed on the left and it was awkward. We have a linen closet next to the shower and you would have to open the door all the way and walked around the door to get into the shower. Now we can simple open a little and walk in.

This process was easy and less messy than having new tile put in. The color is neutral and will go with any color paint.

We save a lot of money doing it this way and we know we won’t lose money when we sell the house in the future.

This company is franchised, so you will have to locate one in your area.


Our next project is having the wall paper removed in the master bath. We had really ugly wallpaper when we bought the house. We lived with it for years, till we decided to primer and paint it over. The color we used turned out too dark, but we left it because it was better than the wallpaper. We know we would end up having to hire someone to remove the wallpaper and texture the sheet rock, then paint. We went through that process in the half bath down stairs. See “BEFORE & AFTER’S”.

We’ll begin on the next project soon! I’ll be posting pictures!

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“My Dirty Little Secret…my disgusting shower gets a face lift!”

  1. Avatar February 12th, 2012 at 4:12 PM Maria Says:

    It is looking great, good job !

  2. Avatar February 13th, 2012 at 11:01 PM Gina Chaney Says:

    Thank you! Can’t wait to have the walls repainted and then I can decorate!

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