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My Cousin’s Rustic Home


This is my cousin’s house in Colombia. Its nearly finished and almost fully furnished. This is a secondary home so its taken some time to complete this project. The property over looks lush green hills. She wanted nature to be the focal point in every room by using large doors and window. There’s a veranda that wraps around the house. Once furnished, it’ll truly be another living space. In that part of the country, out door dining is an every day routine. She’ll be able to eat outside any time of day, have large parties and it’ll never get too crowded.

There was hardly any waste while building this home. She has managed to re purpose most of the wood and other building materials. All the wood doors have been custom made along with tiles, sinks and counter tops. Hardly anything has  been pre fabricated except for functional items like appliances, toilets, faucets etc.

She has fruit trees, vegetables, herbs and chickens on the property. The plan is to have a self sufficient home when it comes to fresh food. Soon she’ll be adding a goat for milk to drink and make cheese. Everything grown is grown organically.

I’ll continue to add pictures as she sends me more pictures!

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